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Assessing Your Website’s Effectiveness

Chances are you have a website. Are you proud of it? It’s there so people can find you. Once they’ve found you, does your website drive them to want to learn more? Does it confirm the credibility of your company and put your best foot forward?

Websites are crucial for getting in front of potential clients and showing them what they can expect. A solid website clearly defines what you do, proudly showcases your work and creates a compelling call to action. A less effective website can take a wrecking ball to your chances of even seeing a potential client walk through your door or join your online class.

Keys to Creating a Successful Website:

  1. Build a site you LOVE. If you are as proud of your website as you are of the work you perform for clients, it will show.
  2. Organize your content. Make sure your site is easy to navigate with lean headlines, subheadings, and menus.
  3. Tell your story. Own who you are, your brand and clearly communicate what makes you different.
  4. Get great visuals. This means buying a license to use stock images/photos or creating your own content. It’s fine to use a search engine for inspiration, but you need make sure you have the appropriate permissions for what you are putting out for consumption.
  5. Establish strong calls to action. You want your site to drive inquiries so that you can create a connection with the client.
  6. Shop your competition. See what they are doing and improve upon it. What sort of key words, language, and calls to action are they using? Is it effective?

Overwhelmed? You don’t need to be. We have plans to help you build and maintain a killer website. Contact us to see how we can build a site that works… for you.