Get Back to Your Mat

Clearly Identify Your Tactics

An effective marketing plan pinpoints the ways in which you will engage with your potential clients. Print, web, and video are all things that can and should be leveraged, but it is important to remember that these should not be separate in their messaging. They should reinforce the same overriding message and be consistent in tone and visuals.

  1. What social media platforms (if any) make sense for your message? Is the work you do aspirational? Pinterest boards may best showcase your work and encourage social sharing. Would you benefit from the ability to pinpoint a target audience through Facebook and Instagram?
  2. What shape does your print media take? Brochures, flyers, postcards, and mailings all serve a purpose.
  3. Would being able to share your story through video on your website or YouTube enhance your brand?
  4. Are you planning to leverage an email campaign that continues engagement beyond the initial expression of interest?

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