Get Back to Your Mat

How to Schedule Your Communications

A yoga professional starts a job with a plan. There needs to be an understanding of scope and scale. Milestones need to be set in order to understand progress.

Digital marketing is no different. Without a plan, you will find the physical work and clients at hand will distract you from cultivating future business through a compelling digital presence.

Begin with a 12 Month Plan:

  1. How many times per week will posts publish on your social media channels? As mentioned in earlier posts, consistency is key. If you cannot sustain regular posts, you will not get the sustained engagement necessary to be seen as an authority and source of information.
  2. Do you have content to support your posts? Begin sourcing before you ever begin your marketing push. This will make the scheduling of content easier and build the engagement habit.
  3. Who is the key individual in charge of executing the social media plan? Handing off or outsourcing responsibility can allow you to control the big picture but keep you focused where you are most needed. Let someone with the technical skills, knowledge, and engagement keep your audience involved.

We offer consulting to help you build your social media plan, robust email campaign solutions, and the ability to assist you in sourcing content. Contact us to see how we can help you jumpstart your digital presence.