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Inbound Marketing 101 – Where to Start

A Four Part Series Featuring Jenna Engel

From reading Part 1 and Part 2 you know a little more about Inbound Marketing, and hopefully agree that transforming the outbound marketing you’re currently doing will better accomplish some of your major marketing goals. We’re sure if you’ve come this far, that your next question is… where do I even start?

Once again, here’s Featured Industry Expert Jenna Engel, from Trending Up Sales & Marketing, answering that exact question:

Where to Start?

Every inbound marketing plan needs to start with a measurable, data-based strategy. The strategy for creating a lead-generating machine with your business will include some very specific elements:

  • Research and interviews with your ideal target audience
  • Goals that you’re aiming for using this plan
  • An analysis of your current marketing (and game plan to improve it)
  • Content titles based in search engine research that are designed to attract, convert, and close your ideal customers
  • A plan to nurture those prospects who aren’t yet ready to purchase
  • Education for your sales team on how to use the new strategy elements in their closing process

This sales and marketing strategy is a winning business plan to use your digital presence as an extra, 24/7 seller where your prospects are looking for information: online.

Knowing where to start is essential. Tune in next time to find out where you can download yourself a sweet ‘blueprint’ packed with information about Marketing and Sales by Jena Engel. And remember, if you don’t have the time or the know-how to pull this ‘Inbound Marketing thing’ off, rest assured… together, we can help you get a jumpstart on transforming your marketing. Contact us today!